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AI loves standards

Standards and norms make it possible for qualitative requirements to be met and for comparability to arise. In Germany there are a wide variety of specifications for every industry and the AI ​​also takes advantage of this.

🏼 It can hardly be easier for an artificial intelligence to recognize patterns than with standardized forms or correspondence. With a series of recurring key terms and phrases, it is possible to ensure almost error-free sorting and a precise search for your own parameters after just a short training period.

👉 The AI ​​can distinguish whether, for example, keywords only appear in an e-mail conversation or whether an official document is hidden behind the document.

👉 This results in enormous time savings, especially since the employees no longer have to 'sort' by hand.

💡 The AI ​​learns quickly, distinguishes between countless forms and applications and automates a number of processes. Especially in administrations it is a welcome help in everyday life. What takes up most of your employees' time?


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