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AI speaks every language

In Europe, people speak between two and three languages ​​on average.

🌍 This is far from sufficient even for the EU area. Even if the English language is considered the world language, official communication in particular usually takes place in the mother tongue.

💡 So it's only logical that you want to check documents for the language in everyday life, even if you can't understand or classify them.

🕵 In the best case, you have colleagues who can translate the content of the documents or you add a digital note about which language it is.

🤖 Our AI can speed up this process immensely. It recognizes the different languages ​​and can thus sort the documents. Whether you are specifically looking for content that needs to be translated or you want to exclude it from the search - doing this manually takes a long time and is error-prone.

📂 The larger the DMS or archive becomes, the more resources one would have to estimate for this sorting. For the AI, this means hardly any effort!

We are international and that's a good thing! Do you deal with many different languages?


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