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Anomalies can get very expensive!

🚨 Nowadays, when machines make mistakes, you are warned – usually before a major catastrophe occurs. With the right concept, however, you can achieve significantly higher added value. 🙌

🔎 Sensors and safety mechanisms ensure that human damage is avoided. However, the (long) life of machines is also in the interests of the company and has a direct impact on cost issues.

📑 The many sensors continuously deliver data strings to connected devices and these can be read, analyzed, structured and visualized by an AI. The AI ​​gets to know the optimal state of each individual machine and discovers the smallest deviations from it - anomalies.

❕ Even if these anomalies are not safety-related, they can negatively affect the life cycle of machines - too warm, too fast, too much pressure, etc.

👷 It is therefore important for the technical service to be able to keep an eye on all deviations from the norm and to take preventive measures if anomalies could be a harbinger of bigger problems.

How badly are you affected by unplanned outages?


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