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Are there 'foreign languages' for the AI?

For applicants in the company, foreign language skills are often a prerequisite, sometimes even several. How does the AI ​​fare with different languages? Are there problems?

💬 Every written language has patterns - both in grammar and semantics. This fulfills the first criterion for machine learning. In addition, there is also a large quantity of documents that can be used for training.

📜 So if you receive international correspondence or offer forms in several languages, this is not a problem for the AI. This deals with every language in a qualitatively consistent way.

🤖 More importantly, they tell the different languages ​​apart and can be used to create a search index. It is also possible to analyze the tonality of the documents and thus make a further pre-selection.

👉 There is probably no one who speaks as many languages ​​as an AI and, above all, the time required to learn is much greater for humans. Do you have to deal with many different languages?


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