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Areas of application of AI

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

The areas of application of artificial intelligence are diverse and are therefore used differently by different industries.

For which processes is the AI ​​mainly used in companies?

💨 Most (70%) artificial intelligence is used in data analysis. These are always the basis of important decision-making processes and with the help of AI, they become more precise and valuable.

💨 AI is also used to optimize existing business processes (63%). Above all, digital processes that occur daily and always follow the same pattern can be easily taken over by an AI.

💨 Other fields of application are chatbots, speech processing and primarily service-related uses of AI.

💡 Intelligent analyzes and process automation can be easily implemented and simplify / accelerate the everyday life of employees, especially in large administrations and authorities - in addition, the error rate is steadily decreasing.

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