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DaSense integrates ChatGPT into new AI apps

The artificial intelligence (AI) platform DaSense promises users constant access to the latest technologies. These currently include the major language models, above all the AI ​​chatbot ChatGPT from OpenAI. Users can now use ChatGPT in DaSense via three new AI apps: The SynthData app, the AI ​​assistant app and the Summary app use the intelligence of ChatGPT to provide the user with the best results.

ChatGPT extends intelligence in DaSense

Large language models use machine learning to have human-like conversations and answer questions. Text can be generated based on patterns and probabilities. By training with large amounts of text, a wide range of knowledge and language skills are acquired that give the model specific reasoning abilities. ChatGPT is integrated into DaSense as the most prominent representative and can be used in many ways, e.g. as support when searching for information.

DaSense is an advanced AI technology that can analyze documents and initiate and support workflows. DaSense supports all processes related to working with large amounts of data. Importing, searching and organizing data becomes easier, more efficient and more interactive.

The AI ​​apps integrate company-specific know-how and are either already available in DaSense or can be easily created by business users themselves. Since both the company data and - via the AI ​​apps - the company know-how is bundled in DaSense, a uniform and central platform is created for everyone. The synergies gained lead to (more) knowledge, time savings and an increase in quality.


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