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Innovative power AI

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Document management systems are a proven tool in large administrations for multimedia access and secure digital storage of papers and documents. Will they still be relevant in the future?

📂 Digital storage will continue to be the basis for handling files and documents in the future, and DMS offer a structured and clear representation here. If the company's DMS is supplemented with AI functionalities, processes can even be greatly simplified and optimized.

📂 Because storage is only the basis of the work. Analysis methods can evaluate more and more data - keyword: big data. With these evaluations, processes can be further optimized and products adapted to customers, as is already the case with customer-specific advertising.

📂 Document management systems will continue to evolve and increase the efficiency of work steps. However, the basic principle will not change and therefore the implementation, optimization and continuous further development of these systems is worthwhile.

Do you already use an AI for your DMS?


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