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KI in production

In industry, large amounts of information are constantly being accumulated. IIoT can help here! What can we achieve with our expertise?

🔧 We implement central monitoring of your machines and ensure a clear display of all relevant information.

🔧 The central control is taken over by an AI.

🔧 The data is recorded, goes into analysis and is then interpreted by the AI. In the event of problems, for example, an alarm can appear on the displays or a message can be sent directly to the responsible employee - cross-media.

🔧 This means that even small deviations are recognized directly and can be corrected. Small problems can lead to larger ones and significantly reduce the lifespan of the machines. This is prevented with continuous monitoring.

👉 Basically we are talking about more efficient use. The machines are monitored to ensure that they are functioning optimally and therefore have a longer service life.

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