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Legal work with AI

The small law office with an assistant and two chairs for waiting clients is a romantic notion of legal practice - mostly from movies. 📃 Of course, these offices still exist, but for most lawyers, larger law firms are the workplace. The more lawyers are employed there, the more correspondence and bureaucracy find their way into the administration. 📌 A law firm does not have to employ hundreds of lawyers for the use of automation and artificial intelligence to be worthwhile. Every lawyer knows how many documents a single case can require. ❕ Maintaining an overview and having quick access to information is crucial for successfully serving clients and can influence the outcome of cases. 💡 Your employees are supported by the AI ​​in finding and sorting documents. This reduces the probability of making mistakes and people are reluctant to make mistakes, especially in this profession. 👉 Time is money and the more efficient the administration is, the better the lawyers can work. Would you like more efficient administration?


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