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Look closely!

Forensics is generally a field of work in which precision and practice are very important in order to recognize patterns and secure knowledge. Email forensics is no different, but often happens on a much larger scale.

🔎 The manual evaluation is extremely time-consuming, especially when you look at correspondence over several months or even years. As a rule, e-mails are all unsorted in a mailbox and also take place between different senders and recipients.

🤖 Wherever large amounts of data need to be searched for patterns, artificial intelligence offers a major advantage over the human eye.

💡 DaSense has no problem with huge, unstructured amounts of data. It offers a whole range of functions such as comparisons, field searches and much more, with which you can easily secure important evidence and carry out analysis.

❗ It is important that DaSense follows all current legal requirements and can therefore be used in email forensics without hesitation.

Do you need support with large amounts of data?


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