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Modernize DMS with AI

Data management systems have not changed in their basic functionality. Therefore, there is often no reason to replace them completely - but modernization is an option!

✅ If you are satisfied with the general performance of your DMS (e.g. availability, access times, etc.), it can still be faster and more efficient in everyday work.

📌 The artificial intelligence is an extension and does not require a new implementation of the underlying DMS. On the contrary, she even uses the system to make existing data structures more readily available to users.

👉 In concrete terms, this means that an intelligent component becomes active in the large structures and millions of data records, which helps your employees to find and sort documents faster and more precisely and to carry out repetitive processes independently.

💡 Above all, human resources are valuable and only available to a limited extent in everyday business. By increasing the efficiency of the DMS, these can be used more for qualitative work.

Could your DMS become even more efficient?


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