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New technology = time-consuming?

In addition to the costs, when introducing technological innovations in companies, the question always arises as to how much the employees have to get used to the new tools and whether this disrupts the process, especially at the beginning.

👪 For major changes, it is worth offering training and of course resources have to be invested initially. With the AI ​​as an extension for the DMS, for example, this is not necessary.

📌 Although the tool causes major changes in the background and in work efficiency, the employees do not have to learn much. After all, it should support and not be a hindrance.

💡 Of course you have to get used to new apps, but fortunately the focus is no longer exclusively on functionality, but is very intensively concerned with a user-friendly application.

👉 With our solutions, we always want to ensure that everyday work is not interrupted and that a permanent increase in efficiency can be achieved. DaSense offers a user-friendly interface on which business users can easily work with AI applications - or even create their own.

Do you find your current system user-friendly?


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