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Revenue potential of AI

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Artificial intelligence has been researched for a very long time, but functional and useful applications for it have not been around for that long - especially not for the majority of industries.

💰 Global sales of AI applications amounted to just $3.2 million in 2016. People are still talking about the known starting blocks, but still recognize an economic interest in the technology.

💰 Just two years later (2018), sales doubled to $7.3 billion. So the potential for growth was recognized. In 2020 it was 17.3 billion and for 2022 sales are expected to be 38 billion US dollars.

💰 Within these six years, interest in AI applications has increased more than tenfold. In three years (2025) sales of up to 90 billion US dollars are forecast worldwide.

💡 Above all, these numbers show that applications are diversifying with the help of artificial intelligence and are being recognized as valuable in more and more corporate sectors and areas.

👉 AI solutions are already leading to greater competitiveness today and the potential will increase almost incalculably in the future.


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