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Small step, big effect!

When it comes to digitization and automation, we often hear sentences like: "That's just a small step. Optimization isn't worth it." 🤔

💡 That can be true in individual cases, but you should look at the whole thing a little more differentiated. In everyday life there are usually a lot of small work steps that need to be done in between the main tasks.

📌 Maybe you tick off a task in the organizer tool, write a note for the following editors or create a new digital project.

📌 Let's assume that automating these 3 operations would save 20 seconds per task. In 8 hours, the employees manage 24 of these tasks and would still save 8 minutes. With 100 employees, the saving would be 800 minutes per working day.

👉 As a rule, there are significantly more than 3 manual processes that can be automated and these often take longer than a few seconds. In the end, you lose time and resources that could be used elsewhere to add value.

Can you think of 'annoying' manual processes?


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