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The highest mountain in Germany is definitely the Papierberg! 🗻

Many other countries like to wonder about Germany, why so much still has to be in paper form and delivered by post. Some things are legally required, others simply depend on established structures. But it's important to keep an overview!

We want a future without paper documents. But even during the transition you should at least have everything available in digital form, because... is available to all employees (with access rights) and you save long walks.

...using artificial intelligence, documents can be sorted so that they have appropriate search indexes and are assigned according to the content.

...finding it again is much easier and can be done with just a few clicks. No more guessing as to which box or folder the document is stored in.

👉 AI also brings great potential for improvement to existing DMS when it comes to sorting and retrieval. Anyone can calculate what a few seconds of time savings per process means for thousands of employees.

How significant would these few seconds be to you?


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