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This is what the authority of the future will look like – hopefully!

Utopias come in many forms. Our vision of the authority of the future is not that far away and is already technically feasible.

Being able to do everything online would be great. Realistically, it's probably not that fast. But reducing is definitely possible. The ID card already has many functions. Why shouldn't you - with appropriate data protection and security measures - be able to carry out a very large proportion of official procedures online?

🌐 Data traffic would of course increase immensely, but also the possibility of offering remote work - less pressure to be present.

🌐 Many processes could be automated thanks to standardized forms - especially sorted storage.

🌐 If specific documents are needed for employees, they are easier to find - thanks to intelligently created indices.

📌 Less waiting times, more freedom when working and a significant reduction in the use of paper.

Do you like the vision? Do you have any other ideas?


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