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What is THE AI?

When it comes to AI, one quickly thinks of a robot as depicted in various Hollywood films. When used in the corporate sector, however, it is not at all about coming as close as possible to human intelligence, but on the contrary, about allowing human qualities to come into their own. ⭐

💡 There is not one artificial intelligence. In almost every business area where tasks are repeated or where large amounts of data have to be exchanged, automation can be done with AI.

📌 These can be applications in administrations, machine information in industry or simply chatbots that relieve human employees of a lot of routine work.

👉 The idea of ​​AI is not new, but we are still at the beginning of development. The limits are far from exhausted here and one can only speculate about the future application possibilities.

❗ But it should be clear that there will probably be no companies that cannot benefit from the technology.

Where could an AI relieve your employees of work?


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