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What to do with the flood of data? 🏊

It is noticeable that more and more digital possibilities are being exploited - whether by authorities or in the judicial area. More comfort for citizens and clients, more overview for everyday life.

💡 However, such an overview must first be created, because the more offers take place in the digital space, the faster the data volume increases.

Don't we have a data management system (DMS) for this?

💿 That's right! DMS are excellently suited for storage, even with an increase in the amount of data. However, sorting can be problematic.

💿 A DMS can only add value if everything is saved correctly and is easy to find for all users. The more that comes into the DMS, the more work it is for the employees.

👉 This is exactly where the AI ​​comes into play. When saving, search indices are created directly, thus ensuring better findability. This saves time when defining the terms and finding them again - every minute saved ⏰ is a minute more efficiency.

Is your data volume increasing significantly? 📈


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