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Why apps instead of holistic systems?

Especially for people in their mid-30s and older, the word 'app' stands for a kind of add-on to an overall system. People are used to using an operating system that covers 90% of all important functions and only installing specific apps that are useful for their own purposes.

💡 Today it seems as if the operating system is just the interface for all the necessary apps, but that's a fallacy.

📌 If you take systems like Windows, Android and iOS - or DaSense - the structure has basically not changed. An 'overall system' used to consist of many individual apps that were only installed as a bundle.

❗ Today, the problems to be solved are more complex and, above all, more individual. Companies in particular have specific requirements and do not want an 'off-the-shelf' system. That's why you work with many coordinated apps and include them in a holistic concept.

👉 This gives companies tailor-made solutions and, if desired, expansion and change options.

Do you prefer it simple or individual?


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