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Will the AI ​​soon be sitting in the office, at the next table?

The question is whether artificial intelligence could simply replace employees or not. Both employers and employees are interested in this.

📌 As a person, you have acquired many qualifications and acquired a qualitative working style. You can easily deal with problems and have personal contact with clients or customers.

💡 Thanks to machine learning, an AI has one great qualification above all: It can recognize patterns in huge data sets. On the one hand, sorting and search functions can be implemented in DMS, for example, but standard forms that always follow the same pattern can also be filled out.

🤖 In this specialty, the AI ​​is world class and handles a lot of volume in a short amount of time. What she cannot do is provide individual support or qualitative work that does not follow a specific pattern, such as advising customers and clients.

👉 The great benefit of the AI ​​can therefore be seen in the fact that it relieves its own employees of 'trivial' processes and thus frees up more resources for qualitative work.

Would you like an assistant for all your employees?


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